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Katharine McPhee feels no pressure to snap back to pre-pregnancy figure

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Katharine Mcphee

Katharine McPhee has felt no pressure to snap back to pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her first child.

The singer/actress welcomed son Rennie, with husband David Foster, in February, and Katharine said she prefers to enjoy her newborn son, rather than dieting and working out.

“I thought I would have this pressure (to bounce back) but I’ve just been so grateful and happy that I’ve had a healthy baby and I’ve felt really good, emotionally and physically. I’m so happy that I don’t have this crazy pressure yet to fit into whatever jeans I have in my closet,” the 36-year-old explained.

“I don’t even think about them right now! In my everyday life, I would have an event coming up or need to work out and it’s just really nice to have a break and be happy where I am,” Katharine told People.

The Smash star previously opened up on her struggle with bulimia, and during an episode of Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast, she confessed she had a relapse while pregnant.

The eating disorder began in high school, and despite a successful stint in rehab, Katharine said her pregnancy caused her food issues to come “up in a way that hadn’t been present in a long time.”

She said her relationship with food while expecting was “the hardest part of pregnancy”, and after things “got a lot better”, she was proud of herself for working through her eating issues.

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