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Katharine McPhee reveals secret to success in marriage

Katharine McPhee And David Foster Exit Live With Ryan And Kelly Show
Katharine Mcphee

Katharine McPhee has revealed the secret to success in her marriage to David Foster.

During a new interview with E! News, the singer-songwriter shared how she and David make their marriage work.

“Therapy. A good therapist,” Katharine, 39, told the outlet. “Or that you just have someone in your life or another couple in your life that is helpful when there’s discord, disagreements.”

“I really feel like you can talk through most everything, but you have to have the language, the vocabulary to do that,” the American Idol runner-up continued. “So that takes practice and self-awareness and having skills to facilitate those conversations.”

Katharine and the Canadian music producer, 73, met in 2006 when she was a contestant on season five of American Idol. David then produced her first single Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

The musical duo tied the knot in June 2019. They then welcomed a son, Rennie, in February 2021.

“We met each other 18 years ago in this exact space – like a recording studio, in a work environment,” the Scorpion actress said. “So, that’s truly where we know each other the best is knowing the ease, and the greatness, and the way he works and just always gets the best thing out of people.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Katharine revealed that their son Rennie has inherited his parents’ musical talents.

“I would say that the drumming thing has been a continuous theme in his life since he was 14 months, but he’s hit another level in his drumming that is really impressive,” she shared. “People have been more impressed than I think we have been. We’re like, ‘Oh yeah, he really loves it. It’s good. We don’t know if it’ll be a real thing.’ But now I’m going, ‘Hmmm, this might be a real thing.'”

The singer then noted that she and her husband don’t expect Rennie to follow in their footsteps.

“I would love for him to follow in his dad’s footsteps and just be really well-versed in all different types of musical instruments,” she said. “Obviously, he’s 2 and a half. We’re not pushing him. We’re just letting him do his thing. But, I would love for him to have a working understanding of all instruments a lot like his dad. I think he’s on his way – that’s for sure.”

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