Kathy Griffin to take over E! “Fashion Police”
Bradley Traynor

Kathy Griffin to take over E! “Fashion Police”

All you “Fashion Police” fans out there have nothing to worry about!

Joan Rivers’ deliciously sassy fashion fiesta will live on despite the host’s untimely passing with a new hilarious hostess.

Kathy Griffin.

It’s perfect. Perfectly appropriate, that is, for Kathy to helm the E! show in Joan’s absence.

Only the equally candid, catty Kathy could keep the show afloat. I mean, is there anyone else that could come close to Joan?

I’m sure she wishes she’d come by the gig any other way, but if I had to guess, I’d say Joan would approve.

She’d probably have something snarky to say about it, but she’d approve.

So, congrats, Kathy, and here’s hoping you can hurl fashion advice (insults) that would make Joan proud.



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