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Kathy Griffin undergoes vocal cord surgery

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Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin has undergone surgery on her vocal cords following her battle with lung cancer.

The 62-year-old comedian, who announced she was cancer-free in December 2021, revealed in a TikTok video on Wednesday that she recently underwent an operation on her left vocal cord, which was paralysed.

“I’m here at my pre-op appointment, I’m going to have a surgery tomorrow morning and this is a really kicka*s female voice surgeon,” she told viewers, before sharing a video of the surgeon putting a camera up her nose to see her vocal cords.

Alongside the footage from the camera inside her throat, Kathy wrote, “First step is the numbing spray then the scope goes up the nose down into the vocal cords! As you can see, the left cord is paralyzed.”

Speaking to viewers from her hospital bed after the surgery, Kathy explained that the procedure would help restore her voice ahead of her performance at the Mirage Theater in Las Vegas on 17 June.

“Hi you guys, so I just had my latest surgery on my left vocal cord because I want to be in good shape for my big Vegas show on June 17,” she shared. “This is just part of my recovery post-lung cancer surgery. I’m cancer free. I’m a little scratchy today but I’ll be in good shape.”

In the caption of the video, she wrote, “I so appreciate you guys following along on my (journey) to get my voice back after #lungcancer.”

Kathy was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer in August 2021 and had to get a part of her left lung removed. That December, she announced she was cancer-free.

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