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Katy Perry only uses social media to ‘post and ghost’

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Katy Perry never looks at the comment sections on social media.

Despite having over 108 million followers on Twitter and 74 million followers on Instagram, the Firework hitmaker has made a conscious decision to limit her interaction with the platforms.

“I stopped Googling myself a long time ago, and I don’t read comments. So, if I’m on social media, I post and ghost,” Katy told The Cut. “I am not going to open the door and invite the whole world to comment about how they think I should live my life.”

Instead of focusing on the negative, Katy, who shares a two-year-old daughter named Daisy with her partner Orlando Bloom, relies on her good friends for advice.

“I have a good trusted-friend group, I have a therapist, and we have a couple’s therapist, which is really helpful. As a result, I’m very particular about allowing other people’s energies to enter,” she added.

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