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Kaya Scodelario ‘terrified’ by director’s audition nudity request

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Kaya Scodelario

Maze Runner star Kaya Scodelario’s agent nixed a live audition with a big-name director after learning the actress had been asked to disrobe for the meeting.

Maya admits she was “terrified” when she was asked to get naked for the unnamed filmmaker and asked her representative for advice.

“It (audition notice) said: ‘She just needs to come in. Take her clothes off and that’s all,'” the actress recalled in a social media post.

“Luckily I have an agent who swiftly said there was no way that was going to happen. This was a big movie. A big director. A big ‘opportunity’.”

Kaya also took to Twitter on Friday (30Apr21) to share her support for her fellow actors who are not protected from sexual harassment in the industry.

“MANY MANY young actors do not have the safety net of a caring agent to protect them,” she added. “They will assume that it is normal for an actresses (sic) worth to be measured by the body they have. By the amount of skin they are willing to show. We have been conditioned to believe this.”

And the actress confessed it wasn’t the only time unnecessary nudity reared up: “Different casting, between me and another actress,” she wrote. “Both worked very hard to impress this notoriously difficult director, auditioned multiple times.

“He emailed our agents ‘whoever agrees to go nude 1st gets the job’. The movie had no nudity in it. He just wanted 2 see who’d say yes (sic).”

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