Keira Knightley PREGNANT!
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Keira Knightley PREGNANT!

Keira Knightley has confirmed she’s pregnant.

For the past few weeks rumors have been circulating that the 29-year-old actress and her husband James Righton are expecting their first child.

Now has revealed her rep was happy to confirm the news to the website but added that Keira would be making no further comment. According to the most recent gossip, Keira is in her second trimester.

The actress married musician James in May 2013, after just over two years of dating.

Keira rose to prominence when she played soccer loving Juliette Paxton in 2002 flick Bend It Like Beckham. It opened doors for her and she has gone one to appear in hits including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Pride & Prejudice and The Imitation Game.

While she’s had an amazing career, she wouldn’t want her children to follow in her footsteps.

“Oh, 100 per cent, I’d absolutely tell her not to,” she answered Elle previously when asked how she would react if her daughter wanted to become an actress.

“I would 150 million trillion per cent be totally discouraging. Teenage years should be done privately. You should be going out and getting unbelievably drunk, getting into ridiculous situations, making mistakes. That’s what that time of life is about and we should do that privately.

“Saying that, I don’t regret it – I wouldn’t do my life any differently, but having lived through it… There was a very long time when [interviewers] were all, ‘Well you’re a sh*t actress and you’re anorexic and people hate you,’ which, for a teenager, is a very strange thing.”


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