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Keith Richards reveals The Rolling Stones hologram concert is ‘bound to happen’

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Keith Richards

Keith Richards has revealed that a Rolling Stones hologram concert is “bound to happen”.

During a new interview with Matt Wilkinson for Apple Music 1 on Tuesday, the legendary British musician stated that he would not rule out the idea of a hologram concert created by AI (artificial intelligence) featuring him and his bandmates.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. I’m pretty sure that it is bound to happen,” Keith, 79, told the interviewer. “Do I want it? Now, that’s another thing.”

Keith’s comments come soon after the iconic rock band released their 24th studio album, Hackney Diamonds.

“But I don’t know if I want to hang around that long enough, man,” the rock star continued. “But at the same time, it won’t be up to me, will it?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Keith revealed that fans could expect to see another new album after the band has recovered from the release of Hackney Diamonds.

“I think when we recover from Hackney Diamonds, we’ll be giving it a good thought,” Keith teased.

Hackey Diamonds, comprised of 12 tracks, included several guest artists, including Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.

“But the reason these 12 are on it, these are the best. Also, you’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Some of them, because they’re not totally ready yet, they’re good, but they need a little work,” Keith continued. “But there’s another one in there, I think, maybe with a few more additions. But like I say, at the moment, let me get this one out the way, man.”

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