Kelly Clarkson: ‘Body shaming harms my fans more than me’
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Kelly Clarkson: ‘Body shaming harms my fans more than me’

Kelly Clarkson is bothered by the impact negative comments about her appearance have on her fans.

The singer is known for clapping back at trolls online on a range of topics, including her size, and while she doesn’t get offended by the negative remarks, it gets under her skin when the comments begin to affect her followers.

“When it comes to body shaming, I mean, it’s the worst feeling in the world for people to come up at meet-and-greets and say, ‘Oh my God, wait, if they think that you’re huge than what do they think of me? Because I’m bigger than you,'” she told DailyMailTV. “That’s the part that breaks my heart. Because it’s like… screw ’em! Who cares what they think? Are you happy with you? That is the point.”

The American Idol winner, who is now hosting her own programme, The Kelly Clarkson Show, hopes her fans can follow her lead and ignore what the critics have to say.

“I’m not perfect. I’m far from perfect. I’ve never been and I’m O.K. with that,” the 37-year-old continued. “I’m very confident and comfortable in my skin because these were my cards and I’m very blessed.”

Kelly went on to explain that she doesn’t take the trolls’ comments to heart because she learned to have thick skin when she was growing up in a small town and “everybody offended me left and right”.

However, the Since U Been Gone star doesn’t understand why certain social media users feel the need to share their mean opinions.

“What bothers me about the shaming… whether it’s what you’re saying, what you look like, what your music is like – whatever – it’s like each (to) his own, man,” she insisted. “Why are you taking time out of your life to be hateful towards someone? It’s just weird. It says more about you than it does to the person you’re hating on.”

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