Kenya Moore shares more, not less: The Wedding Pics
Dawn McClain

Kenya Moore shares more, not less: The Wedding Pics

Kenya Moore from Real Housewives of Atlanta revealed to us last week that she had gotten married in an intimate ceremony on the beach in St. Lucia.  Saying that she wanted to keep her private life private, (did anyone tell this woman she’s on a reality show?) we didn’t think we would get any details.


She just couldn’t resist posting a few pics of her and her husband, but from the back.  It’s actually in one shot half of his face, so if you really wanted to zoom in (not me, speaking for a friend) you could at least see what half the guy’s face looks like.

She did have on a lovely dress, and wanted to profess to the world that they only started speaking 6 months ago.  He is a “businessman” and hopefully is up to her standards.  And we know she has high standards.

Here is another shot of them basking in the abyss of their love

After only being an item for six months, isn’t that a little soon to tie the knot?  The feeling of being in a new relationship tends to fade a bit after a year, so you really know what you’re dealing with.  But what do we know?  We just want to see the guy to find out if he is hot enough for her.  What do you think?  Is half of his face hot enough?  And most importantly, does he treat her with respect?  We want the best for you, Ms Moore!


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