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Kerry Washington ‘always quitting’ Hollywood

Kerry Washington arrives at 'The View' studios
Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has tried to quit Hollywood several times throughout her career.

While speaking to W Magazine, the Scandal star admitted she has continually attempted to quit acting over the years.

“I have spent a lifetime trying to not be an actor,” Kerry told the outlet. “I am always quitting this business, and then right when I decide that I’m done is when something extraordinary comes across my desk.”

She continued, “I was really, really done with this business right before I read the script for Ray. I was really, really done with this business right before I read the script for The Last King of Scotland. I was entirely done with this business before reading the script for Scandal. This is what happens again and again.”

The actress starred as Olivia Pope in the political thriller Scandal between 2012 and 2018.

Asked when she first realised she’d become successful, Kerry responded, “I don’t know that that’s a thought I’ve ever had, actually. I have moments where I feel really lucky, moments where I can’t believe that I’m in the room that I’m in, moments where I feel kind of awed by my life, to come from where I come from and to even have the personal life I have.

“To have the incredible kids I have, and the amazing husband I have, and the career that I have. I have moments of feeling really awed, but I don’t feel successful – because I still feel curious and hungry and excited to continue to work and get better and do more.”

Kerry is married to sportsman-turned-actor Nnamdi Asomugha and they share two children.

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