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Kevin Costner honours Clive Davis at pre-Grammys party

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Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner paid tribute to record executive Clive Davis at his annual pre-Grammys party on Saturday.

During Davis’ pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, the Yellowstone star gave a toast to the record executive, who is best known for discovering Costner’s The Bodyguard co-star Whitney Houston.

“I want to say something that I’ve never said to you before,” Costner said, reports Variety. “Maybe this isn’t the room for it but I don’t want to miss the moment. And this is from the heart.”

The actor continued, “Neither one of us in the end could protect your beloved Whitney, but your fingerprints on her life are clean, my friend… You were a miracle in her life. Thank you for being her bodyguard, Clive.”

Costner also thanked Davis on behalf of “every person in this room you have stood behind and stood for”, insisting, “Everyone in this business has a mom, but not everyone gets a Clive.”

Reflecting on The Bodyguard, Costner credited Davis with being the one who “single-handedly drove the song that helped turn” the movie into a hit.

“I Will Always Love You was number one in the world before the movie even came out. And thanks to the musical guidance of David Foster and the voice that came out of that little body that night in the studio, we have a performance of a lifetime,” he commented, referencing the film’s leading track. “We’re all chasing dreams here, rarely crossing paths. But sometimes we do, through fate or destiny.”

Houston died on the night of Davis’ pre-Grammys bash in 2012.

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