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Kevin Spacey’s lawyer calls sexual assault accusers ‘liars’ during closing arguments

Kevin Spacey Alleged Sexual Misconduct Trial Held In NYC
Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey’s lawyer called three of the actor’s sexual assault accusers “liars” during his closing arguments on Thursday.

Addressing the jury in London’s Southwark Crown Court, attorney Patrick Gibbs called three of the four men accusing his client of sexual assault “liars” who had jumped on a “bandwagon” of lawsuits seeking a payout.

“A man who is promiscuous, not publicly out, although everyone in the business knows he’s gay, who wants to be just a normal guy,” he told the court, reports The Associated Press. “It’s a life that makes you an easy target when the internet turns against you, and you’re tried by social media.”

Regarding the fourth accuser, Gibbs asked the jury not to convict the House of Cards actor for making a “clumsy pass” at a man he met in the pub during a night of heavy drinking.

“Maybe in this country… we don’t convict people of a crime… for making a clumsy pass,” he stated.

During the trial, Spacey, 63, was accused of unwanted touching, grabbing his alleged victims’ by the crotch, and, in one case, performing oral sex on a man while he was unconscious.

The American Beauty actor has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of sexual and indecent assault and one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

The jury will begin its deliberations on Monday.

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