Khloé wants you to stop saying some things to new moms
Colleen Lindstrom

Khloé wants you to stop saying some things to new moms

Khloé Kardashian is every bit the new mom, and is sharing her expertise on her app behind a paywall for those of you who want to check in on her wisdom.

And today her wisdom is all about those things you should not say to a new mom.

Things like:

Did you deliver vaginally? (This one’s for you, Alexis)

How’s breastfeeding going?

Oh, the baby looks so much like their daddy…

Kyankus 🇦🇲 My Life

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additionally, the reality star discusses sleep, changes in friendships, weight loss, how much you will miss the hard parts of parenting, and the child’s relationship with their father.

Whoa. What CAN we say to new moms, Khloe? I’ll be honest, there were definitely things I was sensitive about when I was a new mom. All of them stemmed from my own judgements of myself and my ability to pher arent and care for this small human. But I think I was always aware that when a person asked me about my child or my experience of becoming a mom, they were doing nothing more than trying to connect with me.

Or, if it seemed like they were being judgmental, it was likely more about their insecurity in a certain area, which I could certainly understand as I had my own insecurities.

Rather than giving a laundry list of things that people shouldn’t ask new moms, why not talk about how important it is to feel secure in being a mom? And how to go about that? Sometimes I think this “mommy war” business is more a function of all of us sticking our heels in to needlessly defend our own choices. Every question does not contain a judgement. Often we are just looking for a way to connect with each other. And creating the “don’t” list just drives us further apart.

Push out the jive, bring in the love, Khloé! That’s my wish for you!





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