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Kim Cattrall describes brother’s death as ‘a weight that never leaves’

Kim Cattrall has described her brother Chris’ death as “a weight that is always with you”.

In February 2018, the Sex and the City actress asked her social media followers for help locating her brother Chris, 55, after he had gone missing from his home in Alberta, Canada. His body was found several days later, with Chris having died by suicide.

While speaking to The Sunday Times, the actress compared the death of Chris to her mother Shane’s passing in December 2022.

“With my mum, she was 93 and it was a slow decline. But my brother, this was out of the natural order,” Kim told the outlet. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was sudden and unexpected.

“You remember where you were, what happened, what was said. It is all so accessible, all the time, a weight that is always with you and never leaves. Everything in you is on high alert because he can be saved.”

Calling the time before Chris’ body was found an “extraordinary few days”, the 66-year-old explained that she was the family member who “went into the world” so she took on the saviour “role”, however, she is “slowly retiring from that”.

“I’ve done a lot of work where I don’t want to assume that I can fix people. They have to want to fix themselves, and me caring, living and fretting about them doesn’t solve it,” she said. “They have to want to change.”

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