Kim Kardashian fires back at illuminated phone case lawsuit
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Kim Kardashian fires back at illuminated phone case lawsuit

Kim Kardashian’s company and makers of the LuMee phone case have denied committing patent infringement with the illuminated product.

The reality TV star’s business Kimsaprincess Inc. and makers of the case were hit with a $100 million lawsuit by executives at Snap Light who claim the LuMee product, which Kim promotes on social media, is a copy of their SnapLight phone accessory, which was patented in 2013.

According to, they have now fired back, claiming they have proof they didn’t steal the technology. They allegedly have their own patent which was approved by executives at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2016, three years after SnapLight. This reportedly means the examiners found there to be meaningful differences between the products.

LuMee makers also claim in their documents they are the ones being ripped off and that they sued Snap Light Inc. first in November 2016.

In the lawsuit, SnapLight makers claimed that Kim’s endorsement of LuMee means they can’t compete in the illuminated cell phone case market. They have asked for $100 million in damages to make up for “lost profits” and for Kim to stop promoting the cases.

Her representative issued a statement previously, saying the lawsuit was a “shakedown” and had “no merit”.

A spokesman for Snap Light spoke to TMZ about their legal battle, claiming, “We’ve gone back and forth with these (LuMee) guys and we’ve told them, ‘Hey, you guys go your way, we’ll go our way’. They’ve said no, they don’t want us in the marketplace and they don’t even have the right patent, think about that. We want to lock down the original patent.”

He also alleged LuMee makers shut down their website on Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days in America, got them kicked out of department store Neiman Marcus and off the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

“These guys want war? Bring it,” he concluded.

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