Kim Kardashian sued for $100 million over Kimoji deal ‘breach’
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Kim Kardashian sued for $100 million over Kimoji deal ‘breach’

Kim Kardashian is being sued for $100 million (£77 million) after allegedly breaching a deal over her Kimoji app.

Developer David Liebensohn has claimed he was brought on to help with the creation of Kimojis, the animated emojis, and GIFs featuring Kim and her famous relatives, after catching the reality star’s attention with his anti cyberbullying app CensorOut.

According to documents seen by, Liebensohn claims that he and Kim agreed on a deal in 2014, with the mother-of-three stipulating that she would cut him and his business partners in for 60 per cent of the Kimoji profits. He said that Kim insisted on filing the trademark paperwork for ‘Kimoji’ to cover the costs and keep things simple, but assured him they were in it together.

However, around the time Kim filed the trademark in August 2014, Liebensohn claims that Kim informed him one of his business partners had shared some of her personal information, and she was, therefore, backing out of the deal.

But Liebensohn alleges Kim already knew about the sharing of the information before signing the deal and was just using it as an excuse to back out of the agreement. She then went on to sell the app to Instagram.

At that point, Liebensohn claims Kim and her lawyers tried to pressure him into dropping his case against them, but he refused.

Kim’s lawyer Marty Singer has hit back, insisting that the case should have ended in 2014, when Liebensohn’s two other partners signed a settlement agreement. However, Liebensohn has insisted he never signed the agreement and is suing Kim for at least $100 million for breach of contract, fraud and for the profits he believes he has lost by being left out of the Kimoji deal.

“The lawsuit filed against Kim Kardashian is ridiculous and absurd,” Singer told TMZ in a statement. “The parties entered into a binding settlement agreement (in) 2014 in which Kim gave up multi-million dollar claims against Mr. Liebensohn and his partners. Mr. Liebensohn waited more than 4 years to claim the agreement wasn’t binding on him. Kim commenced arbitration in December 2018, and after Mr. Liebensohn was unsuccessful in stopping the arbitration he filed this meritless lawsuit. We feel very confident we will get the case dismissed.”

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