Kim Kardashian’s creepy waist training needs to STOP!
Bradley Traynor

Kim Kardashian’s creepy waist training needs to STOP!

There are far more banal things people get outraged about on Twitter.

Yet Kim Kardashian’s creepy waist training selfies go totally unchallenged.

Where’s the waist training outrage people?

Seriously. A simple Google search of “waist training” will show you the art of squeezing your innards into odd places in a vainglorious attempt to mimic a miniature waist is a bad idea.

And still, nobody challenges the almighty Kardashian’s self-aggrandizing selfies (which are paid for by the practitioners of waist training themselves).

Think of the countless hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of tweens and young girls who follow her on social media.

We can laugh off her wack-a-doo fashion don’ts, but a lot of these girls look up to her and find themselves inspired by whatever she peddles on Twitter and Instagram.

Celebrating the loss of feeling in your limbs or lack of ability to take a deep breath is absurd.

And far more worthy of a Twitter boycott than Dolce & Gabbana.



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