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Kim Kardashian’s first husband responds to claim she was high during their wedding

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Kim Kardashian’s first husband, Damon Thomas, has responded to her claim that she was high on ecstasy when they got married in 2000.

In a 2018 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim called her marriage to the music producer a “bad mistake” and claimed she was high when they eloped in Las Vegas when she was 19.

Addressing the claims in a rare interview with VladTV, Damon insisted her allegation didn’t make sense.

Pointing out the flaw in her statements, he said, “You don’t stay married to somebody or be with somebody for four to five years and it’s just based off of you getting high off of ecstasy, you know? That doesn’t make any sense at all.”

The music executive called Kim’s comments irresponsible, saying, “I think it’s unfair to make those kind of blanket statements because we have kids now. I have children, my kid goes to the same school her kid goes to.”

He continued, “So imagine him when he has to deal with it at school. I think that she should be more responsible with those statements ’cause there’s a lot more to that subject and those things.”

However, despite her comments, the pair are on good terms.

“I’m proud of her, I’m proud of her family,” Damon noted. “We all speaking, when I saw (Kim’s mum) Kris (Jenner) last we were cool. I’ve seen her a couple of times.”

Damon filed for divorce from Kim in 2003 and it was finalised the following year.

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