The #KimexposedTaylorparty plot thickens…
Colleen Lindstrom

The #KimexposedTaylorparty plot thickens…

If you’re suffering from insomnia, and you were up in the middle of the night (I’m speaking from experience) you probably noticed the #KimexposedTaylorparty trending.

The upshot is this, Kim Kardashian posted a video of Kanye on the phone with Taylor Swift checking with her about the offending lyrics in the song “Famous” which Taylor Swift has maintained she did not approve. Spoiler alert, in the video, she approves the lyric.

Shortly after that trend picked up, another hashtag started trending. #SelenaGomezisoverparty.

It turns out Selena, who is a member of Taylor’s squad weighed in, and Twitter was not having it.

It began with a tweet from Selena that exclaimed, “There are more important things to talk about… Why can’t people use their voice for something that (expletive deleted) matters?” Seemingly pointing to the kerfuffle between Kim and T-Swizz.

She followed that tweet with:

And then:

In the midst of all of that, Selena responded to a tweet that asked the celebrity why, then, if she’s upset about celebrities using their voices for something that matters, she hasn’t weighed in on some of the racial unrest in the country at this time. In a deleted tweet, Selena responded:

“oh lol so that means if I hashtag something I save lives? No – I could give two (expletive deleted) about ‘sides.’ You don’t know what I do”

This unleashed the hashtag beast that resulted in the trend #SelenaGomezisoverparty and prompted some very delicious tweets.

Put your feet up, grab some popcorn, and let’s watch this unfold!



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