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Kit Connor was ‘disappointed’ by speculation about his sexuality

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Kit Connor

Kit Connor felt “slightly disappointed” being pressured into coming out as bisexual.

The Heartstopper actor left Twitter last year after being subjected to intense online harassment about his sexuality. He returned in October to announce that he was bisexual and sarcastically thanked users for “forcing an 18-year-old to out himself”.

Kit, now 19, reflected on the difficult moment in an interview with British Vogue on Tuesday and said, “I just felt like it wasn’t something I was ready to talk about. I wasn’t angry. I was just slightly disappointed by this reaction.”

When asked if he truly felt forced into making an announcement, he replied, “I think ‘forced’ isn’t the right word I would use, but I would say that I would have preferred to do it another way. I also don’t know if I would have ever done it. But at the end of the day I don’t regret it. In many ways it was really empowering.”

Kit, who plays Nick Nelson in the Netflix TV show, admitted that time of his life was not easy.

“I’m a young man, so I’m already kind of going through certain things, in terms of just life and mental health,” he stated. “I just needed to let that energy out (with the tweet).”

The Rocketman actor shared that identifying his sexuality was “a very natural process” and being bisexual became “more and more evident” over time and he now feels “much more secure” in himself.

Heartstopper season two will debut on Netflix in August.

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