Josh Duhamel does WHAT when Fergie gets bikini waxes?!?!
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Josh Duhamel does WHAT when Fergie gets bikini waxes?!?!

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Fergie and Josh Duhamel have regular joint therapy sessions.

The Black Eyed Peas rocker got married to Josh in January 2009 and they are parents to 16-month-old son Axl. After some time out of the limelight Fergie is preparing to release her second solo album, with the lead single L.A. Love (La La) debuting last year. All this means the 39-year-old’s schedule is going to be busy – but she and Josh have things in place to ensure that doesn’t affect their home life.

“He’s not afraid,” she told Allure magazine, referring to their joint counseling sessions.

“He doesn’t feel like he’s not man enough.”

Fergie and Josh are both Catholic and they want the same things out of life, which makes things easier.

They have also agreed not to be apart for longer than two weeks, which means that in the future they will each have to compromise at times.

“We’ve already talked about how we’re going to have to trade off,” she explained. “He’s going to have to come on tour with Axl for a while, and then there’ll be a break. He’ll take a job; I’ll be on set with Axl.”  

The star isn’t worried about how this will impact her marriage as she and her 42-year-old husband are very close. In fact, some would say they should implement some boundaries.

“I mean, he’s walked in on me during my bikini waxing, and I’m like, ‘OK honey, hi,’” she laughed. “And I’m on all fours, but he doesn’t just leave; he gets curious.”

Fergie stunned when she stepped out at the American Music Awards in November, wearing a long black dress which accentuated how toned her body was. As she’s been away from the spotlight it was quite a comeback, with the star explaining there is a secret to her look – smoothies.


The singer feasts on drinks crammed with kale, spinach and pears, among other things, every morning and feels that the concoction has “changed her life.” It gives her a morning “buzz” and even Axl is a fan of the drink – calling it Green Goo.

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