Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard: #relationshipgoals
Colleen Lindstrom

Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard: #relationshipgoals

I think it was either the time that they made a video dancing in the rain in Africa to one of my favorite Toto songs:

Or perhaps the time that Kristen Bell recounted the epic birthday gift Dax gave her when he invited a sloth to her birthday party.

But I’ve always admired this couple for their ability to laugh in life, and have fun.

But on Sunday Morning on CBS – I fell even deeper in love with this relationship. Kristen Bell talked about her attitude on stardom, and how comfortable she is with the role she plays in Hollywood. But most importantly, and probably most touching, she talks about her relationship with Dax Shephard and what makes their relationship so strong.

She even shared for the first time photos of the couple’s courthouse wedding, which cost $142, and Kristen Bell calls “the best day of her life.” Get to know this couple. They give us all #relationshipgoals.




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