Kristen Bell slaps rude reporter in the face
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Kristen Bell slaps rude reporter in the face

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell slapped a reporter in the face at the premiere of her new movie after he was rude to her.

The 35-year-old was on the red carpet for her latest film, The Boss, last month (Mar16) when she was approached by overzealous journalist Kevin Donnelly from The Fix.

As he tapped his microphone on her face, microphone on her face, grabbed her arm and asked inappropriate questions, Kristen took matters into her own hands and slapped him across the face.

When Donnelly then climbed over the barricade, the star looked visibly shocked as she walked away.

While some other publications speculate the altercation was a publicity stunt, the mother-of-two hasn’t been afraid in speaking out about her views on the media in the past, particularly when it comes to the issue of paparazzi trying to take pictures of her children.

“If you are taking a picture of my child, that is my decision, that has nothing to do with my profession,” she told ET Online.

Meanwhile The Boss sees Kristen star alongside Bridesmaids actress Melissa McCarthy as an assistant who is tracked down by her former boss after she goes from wealthy mogul to jailbird for participating in some insider trading.

Homeless and a public hate figure, the boss – played by Melissa – tries to rebuild her career with Kristen’s characters help, and while their alter egos are at loggerheads for part of the movie, in reality, the actresses got on famously.

“Kristen Bell is a real, real dreamboat,” Melissa said in an interview with “I was trying to think of something terrible to say about her…But I just can’t! We just hit it off immediately. She’s super crazy, super funny, super nice, and she makes these weird cashew dips and brings it to the set. You show up on set with a cashew dip and I am all yours.”

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