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Kyra Sedgwick finds shooting sex scenes with Kevin Bacon ‘weird’

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Kyra Sedgewick

Kyra Sedgewick has opened up about shooting intimate scenes with her husband Kevin Bacon.

While speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment for an interview, the actress discussed filming sex scenes with her husband and co-star.

“It’s much harder,” Kyra said of the experience. “It’s weird because we’re always like, ‘Is this real or is it not?'”

Kevin and Kyra starred together in the 1991 comedy Pyrates, about a couple who create and control fire with their minds after having sex.

“As an actor, you sometimes have these dreams when you start a job where you’re sleeping and they’re filming you. With Pyrates, I was (sleeping) with my husband and they were filming it!” the actress recalled. “It’s like, ‘This can’t be real – I’m having a dream.'”

Kyra said the real-life couple ended up in the fictional couple’s roles because she “really wanted to do the movie, and we couldn’t find a male lead who would raise the money to make it”.

“I asked Kevin if he would read the script, and he liked the idea of us doing it together. We didn’t think, ‘Is it weird for us to do a sex comedy?'” she explained. “At the time, we were newly married and had our first kid, so the idea of us playing this couple that has such great sex that the room spontaneously bursts into flame was really funny.”

Kyra and Kevin also filmed intimate scenes in 1995’s Murder in the First and 2004’s The Woodsman.

The pair met on the set of the 1988 TV film Lemon Sky and married the same year. They share two children together.

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