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LaNisha Cole shuts down pregnancy rumours after welcoming Onyx Ice

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Lanisha Cole

LaNisha Cole has dismissed rumours of a new pregnancy after welcoming baby Onyx Ice.

In a Thursday Instagram Story, the model and actress responded to fans who speculated she had become pregnant again following the birth of her baby Onyx.

“No I’m not pregnant again,” LaNisha wrote. “You guys are so used to SnapBack culture that you can’t let a woman be at peace with not losing her baby weight in a week.”

While she acknowledged her “body is bigger” after welcoming Onyx last year, she noted she was “not in any rush to lose the weight” because she knew it would “come off in due time”.

She continued, “Until then there’s just more of me to love,” including being “thicker in the face” and “thicker in the waist” than before.

“I haven’t been working out like I used to just because I’ve been busy taking care of the empress and working,” she explained, referencing the new baby. “I’ll work out again when (Onyx) allows me to.”

LaNisha reminded her followers that, being a “new mom”, her concerns included “so many other things that are more of a priority” over post-birth weight loss.

In September 2022, LaNisha announced she and Nick Cannon had welcomed Onyx – Nick’s twelfth child. Later, she shared a cryptic message on “leaving toxic relationships” following “unnecessary pain and heartbreak”, saying, “Calling me baby mama #538 every time I say the sky is blue is uncalled for and it’s getting old.”

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