Last Night’s American Idol….Can you say Awkward?!
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Last Night’s American Idol….Can you say Awkward?!

Last Night on American Idol Quentin was not happy with the results of last weeks voting.

He said the “whole thing was wack”, because his good friends, Joey and Nick were on the chopping block.

I love my boy Harry Connick Jr, because he asked Quentin to clarify. Saying “It was disrespectful” to the show, for him to say “whole thing was wack” because American Idol is paying big money to have them on the show.

Some people argue that Harry was just trying to stir up trouble.


If you missed it, you can watch the moment here.

If Quentin feels so strongly about Joey being in the bottom, he can certainly give up his spot. After all….there can only be one winner. While I appreciate his dedication to his friend, I was disappointed with his attitude.

He did apologize later on in the show, and he seemed sincere and slightly embarrassed.

In the end, Joey was sent home….and Quentin stayed.

It will be interesting to see how the voting goes next week.

What do you think?




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