The late Joan Rivers appeared on Monday’s “Celebrity Apprentice”
Colleen Lindstrom

The late Joan Rivers appeared on Monday’s “Celebrity Apprentice”

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was featured heavily on last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” You wouldn’t have known unless you tuned in, (probably to their credit) they didn’t promote too heavily that Joan Rivers had taped this episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” prior to her untimely death.

I was surprised at how taken aback I was when Donald Trump invited her into the room. She was, after all, a former winner of a prior season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Having her come in to judge a competition made sense, and especially one involving fashion as Monday night’s competition did. But still, I hadn’t paid attention to any promotion that may have announced the late comedienne’s involvement in Monday’s episode.

It seemed as though they had done some work on the episode and edited down her involvement. The woman, known for her snarky and hilarious quips barely got any screen time, and during the final boardroom scenes, she was all but silent. Leaving me to wonder if perhaps they really put some effort in to lessen the impact of Joan Rivers given her recent death so that the episode didn’t become all about her appearance.

Perhaps I’m being over sensitive. Did you watch? Did you notice? What did you think?





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