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Lauren Jauregui accuses Elon Musk of ‘destroying Twitter’

2022 American Music Awards
Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui has accused Twitter CEO Elon Musk of “destroying” his site with his latest changes.

On Friday, the site’s CEO announced that users would be restricted as to how many tweets they could view daily. Despite Elon explaining the decision was a reaction to “getting data pillaged”, the former Fifth Harmony member took to Twitter on Sunday to suggest a theory on the platform’s new viewing limits.

“I just wanna say Elon destroying twitter ahead of elections is not a coincidence. Especially considering what his obvious political stance is,” the singer tweeted. “This place was one of our most effective organizing tools during 2020 and is where a lot of discourse and accountability happens. Please understand nothing these billionaires do is ever a coincidence.”

She continued, “Slowly but surely is the game, so we are apathetic instead of paying attention. When everything feels random and confusing, just know it is anything but. Just connect the dots.”

Under the new Twitter restrictions, users are required to log in before viewing tweets and profiles and they will be locked out if they exceed the limit on views. On Saturday, thousands of users complained that they could not use the site.

The next U.S. election takes place in November 2024.

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