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Lewis Capaldi may ‘pack music in’ if Tourette syndrome worsens

Singer Lewis Capaldi Performs at the SSE Arena
Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi has discussed the possibility of quitting music due to his Tourette syndrome.

While speaking to the Times of London for a new interview, the Someone You Loved singer revealed if his Tourette syndrome worsened, he would consider stepping back from his music career.

“If it gets to a point where I’m doing irreparable damage to myself, I’ll quit,” Lewis told the outlet. “I hate hyperbole, but it is a very real possibility that I will have to pack music in.”

The singer suffered from a Tourette episode while performing onstage in Germany in February. The nervous system disorder causes uncontrollable “tics”, which sometimes worsen with age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“It’s only making music that does this to me… Otherwise I can be fine for months at a time,” he explained. “It’s a weird situation. Right now, the trade-off is worth it.”

Lewis shared that his tics – sudden and repetitive twitches, movements, or sounds – were getting “quite bad”, especially while performing.

“I’m trying to get on top of that. If I can’t, I’m f****d,” he said. “It’s easier when I play guitar, but I hate playing guitar. I know, I’m a walking contradiction.”

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