More like National Night IN!
Bradley Traynor

More like National Night IN!

There are two nights a year I hide from my neighbors: Halloween and National Night Out. It’s not that I don’t like my neighbors. In fact, they’re very nice people.

Just because I like them, however, doesn’t mean I want to spend the night with them on their front lawn eating hot dogs.

I’m hard-pressed to spend weeknights doing anything other than going to the gym, eating dinner, and going to bed.

I’ve got to have a really good reason to socialize on a weeknight.

So, Jamie and I spent the night huddled away from windows, shades drawn, watching TV in the dark so as not to flaunt our hermit lifestyle to the entire street.

I mean, I’m avoiding people, but they don’t need to be reminded of that, right? 😉



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