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Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney dismiss feud rumours

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Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney have dismissed feud rumours.

The actresses have taken to social media to dismiss recent rumours that they have bad blood between them.

The rumours began shortly after an Armani event which they both attended on 1 September as part of the Venice Film Festival. As Lili posed for a red carpet photo with fellow celebrities including Camila Mendes, Maude Apatow and Chase Stokes, The White Lotus star, 25, greeted and joined the group for photos.

Following the brief interaction between the two stars on the carpet, fans began to wonder if they had had a falling out after a video was shared of Lili, 26, looking less than impressed after Sydney’s arrival.

“Certainly something going on,” one TikTok user commented on the video. “There’s a whole vibe.”

However, some fans took to the comments section to defend Lili, with one writing, “She just seems exhausted it’s a red carpet and she’s talked about her mental health and how it’s effected her every day life so much prob tired (sic).”

Three days after the event, Lili shut down the speculation by taking to Twitter/X, writing, “Stop making villains out of women every chance you get.”

The Riverdale star then took to her Instagram Stories to share an image of her and the Euphoria star posing for a selfie on a boat. She captioned the image, “We’ll be over here if you need us.”

Sydney then echoed the message by reposting the photo onto her own account.

The duo then further dispelled the rumours by going on a double date while in Venice; Lili with her actor boyfriend Jack Martin and Sydney with her fiancé, restaurateur Jonathan Davino.

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