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Lily Allen once had liposuction ‘on her bum’

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Lily Allen

Lily Allen once lied to a lover and told him she’d had a hip replacement operation because she was too embarrassed to come clean about having liposuction.

The Smile singer took to her Instagram Stories on Monday night to take part in an impromptu Q&A session with fans, after complaining she had “lost the ability to concentrate on television”.

And when one fan asked if she’s ever been under the knife, she replied: “I had lipo once, on my bum, many years ago. I was with this guy and he was like, ‘What are these scars?’ and I was so embarrassed I said, ‘It’s from my hip replacement’.”

Elsewhere in the question session, Lily revealed she hasn’t smoked for “four and a half months”, and shared the positives of being teetotal for the past year and a half.

“Probably just knowing that I didn’t sit in someone’s living room till 7am talking absolute s**t, chewing their ear off and being generally embarrassing and offensive,” she candidly shared.

She also explained that she met her now-husband David Harbour “in a dressing room area of a chat show” and married life is “kind of fab”.

“I can’t complain. My husband is a delight and I’m feeling pretty good these days,” she replied.

Lily married the Stranger Things actor in Las Vegas in September last year.

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