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Lily Allen recalls ‘horrendous’ rape joke made by Russell Brand

Lily Allen Spotted Leaving The Mercer Hotel
Lily Allen

Lily Allen has commented on offensive jokes made by Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr and Jonathan Ross in 2007.

The Smile singer, 38, recalled the “horrendous” incident during a recent interview with Grazia UK.

“(There was a clip) where I was on a chat show with Russell Brand and Noel Fielding and Jonathan Ross. And there are comments, I think, about me being raped or something,” Lily told the publication. “And I laugh along with it. In retrospect, that’s really horrendous.”

The actress added, “It makes me uncomfortable, but I don’t think I felt that at the time, because it was the culture.”

The jokes were made during an episode of Channel 4 panel show The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, with a clip of the moment having gone viral on X/Twitter following rape allegations levelled against Russell in September.

In the episode, Jonathan moved Lily – whom he called “the only sexually attractive young lady” on the show – away from panellists Russell and Noel, stating, “And then Lily may go home with her dress still on.”

Noel replied, “How dare you – we’re not rapists.”

Host Jimmy then quizzed Noel about why he was wearing a cape “if (he) wasn’t a rapist” before Noel pointed out that the cape he’s wearing was, in fact, a Jack the Ripper cape.

Noel said, “He wasn’t a rapist, he was a…”, before Russell interjected to say, “Serial murderer”.

Russell continued, “There’s a difference. There is no direct corollary between rapes and capes, it’s just a rhyme. Leave him alone.”

Russell, 48, has denied accusations of rape and sexual assault made against him in an investigation by The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

British police are investigating.

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