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Lily Collins thrilled with outfits for second season of ‘Emily in Paris’

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Lily Collins

Lily Collins is adamant fans will be thrilled by the fashion in the second season of “Emily in Paris.”

In the hit Netflix comedy-drama series, the actress plays Emily Cooper, an American who moves to Paris to provide a fresh point of view to Savoir, a French marketing firm.

The follow-up series began shooting in May, and in a video interview with W magazine, Lily revealed she and the costume design team, led by style gurus Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi, had outdone themselves.

“I think actually a lot of my new favourite outfits are from this season, the wardrobe went up more,” she shared. “I didn’t even know that was possible.”

Lily went on to name the Alice + Olivia blouse with Eiffel Tower print that she sported for an episode in series one as a “real tongue-in-cheek, Emily moment”.

And she is grateful for the advice of the fashion team, as she didn’t quite nail the Emily look when preparing to audition for the show in 2019.

“I had one of my best friends come over and we planned this look (according to) what we thought Emily would look like. It was a J.Crew white shirt with a cashmere vest on top, a tartan skirt – which may have been an old Abercrombie skirt that I still had in my closet – and boots. I looked very collegiate and like I was trying too hard,” the 32-year-old recalled. “It was Emily but definitely not the Emily we’ve created. It was something!”

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