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Lily James didn’t wear Pamela Anderson’s stacked heels in Pam & Tommy due to her height

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Lily James

Lily James didn’t wear the stacked heels Pamela Anderson favoured when she portrayed the star in Pam & Tommy because of her natural height.

The actress won praise from critics and fans alike when she starred as the Baywatch icon in the Hulu miniseries alongside Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee.

The show’s lead costume designer Kameron Lennox took all her cues from Pamela’s real-life outfits and approach to fashion – except when it came to the shoes.

“She never wore jewellery. Nothing like that, which would take away from the lines of her body. So we picked designers that would fit that mould. Pamela Anderson had very good taste in designers, and maybe it was paired with things that made it look like she was not wearing Versace or Dolce & Gabbana, but she was,” she said in a chat with Below the Line.

“The only thing I tweaked a bit was not putting Lily in the big stacked heels, because Lily is so tall (5ft 7). So I used stilettos from Yves Saint Laurent.”

Expanding on the working relationship she had with English actress Lily, Kameron praised the 33-year-old’s attitude to work.

She was really impressed that Lily arrived on set four hours before the crew, and how invested she was in the character.

“Also, she was very open, and we could reach out to each other to discuss something,” she continued. “I really appreciate that because I love collaboration and people willing to work closely to create something. It’s not always the case so when you do meet people like that it’s a dream come true.”

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