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Lindsay Hubbard explains why she stayed in Austen Kroll’s room after Kyle Cooke’s wedding

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Us Weekly

Lindsay Hubbard has explained why she stayed in her co-star Austen Kroll’s room after Kyle Cooke’s wedding.

While speaking to Us Weekly for an interview published on Thursday, the Summer House star addressed an allegation she tried to sleep with her co-star Austen after a wedding ceremony between their friends Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula.

Austen claimed on an episode of Winter House that following the wedding, Lindsay stayed in his room and attempted to sleep with him.

“All of a sudden, I woke up with her hand on my d**k,” he recalled. When asked whether she tried to have sex with him in the room, he replied, “Yes. Facts.”

Lindsay denied Austen’s account in her interview, explaining she stayed in Austen’s room because her fiancé Carl Radke was staying in a different hotel.

“(Carl) had a lot of duties at this wedding. He was officiating, he was a co-best man, you know, and he’s sober,” Lindsay explained. “So, I think he wanted to focus. He wanted his privacy.”

The television personality added that a group of friends were staying in the same hotel, but at the end of the night she and Austen ended up drinking wine and eating McDonald’s in his room.

“We just sit and chat about, you know, recapping the wedding. Like, you know, ‘How was it seeing Ciara (Miller)?'” she recalled. “And that was it.”

Calling the night “very innocent”, Lindsay declared of Austen’s account: “It just feels like such a stretch to me. I don’t even think he believes his own story.”

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