Lindsay Lohan got herself an acting job!

Lindsay Lohan got herself an acting job!

Lindsay Lohan is getting back to her acting roots.

😊Back on set of my new TV show #SickNote 😜

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She’s joining the cast of the British TV show Sick Note, starring Rupert Grint and Nick Frost. Lohan will be playing the daughter of Grint’s boss, played by Don Johnson (yes, THAT Don Johnson). This is great news for Lohan, seeing that she hasn’t had a proper acting gig since she made a guest appearance on Two Broke Girls back in 2014 (she has an unreleased film in post production, but its IMDB hasn’t been updated in over one year…)

LiLo has been making headlines the past several years not for her acting talents, but for her weird public appearancesfighting with her lover, then giving tell-all interviews about the drama. When she’s not scuffling, Lohan has been “developing” various TV projects, starting a budding nightlife empire and meeting heads of state. She’s been filling her time, but it’s all a far cry from her Mean Girl glory days (of which she’s totally wanting and willing to revisit). I hope this stint on Sick Note serves as a catalyst to other acting gigs because when all the drama of her celebrity antics are stripped away, she’s a pretty darn good actress.

But she can keep her pop star careen in the past. Some things are best left in 2004…



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