Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized
Colleen Lindstrom

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized

I know, you see that headline, and you think, what now? Because Lindsay Lohan has had her share of incidents and mishaps, and it seems like she may have nine lives given all the chances she’s had.

But was hospitalized because she has contracted a mosquito born illness, Chikungunya, in French Polynesia. The actress is living in London, now, and was hospitalized at King Edward VII’s Hospital until her high fever broke at which time she was released.

The World Health Organization notes that Chikungunya is rarely fatal, but that the symptoms can last for months and, in some cases, years. Those symptoms include high fever, joint swelling, rashes, and muscle and joint pain.

Just when we thought Lindsay was poised to get back on her feet, again…

Lindsay did, however, post some words via Twitter and Instagram that will serve as a PSA to the rest of the world, don’t forget to use “Big” spray:




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