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Lindsay Lohan once tried to bleach her own hair

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has recalled how she once tried to highlight her own hair with an at-home dye kit.

During an interview for Vogue’s Life in Looks series, the Mean Girls actress described how she decided to switch up her signature red hair colour while filming the 2004 movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

“They wanted my hair to be more red, so I bought bleach on my own. I remember (co-star) Megan Fox was with me and I was like, ‘Don’t tell them, but I’m highlighting my own hair.’ And this was the result. So, never highlight your own hair at home with just bleach,” she sighed.

And while Lindsay didn’t quite achieve the look she was after, she tried to go blonde again the following year. But because she rushed the transition from red to platinum, the shade ended up looking yellow.

“I was really changing for fashion, my life was changing for fashion. No one wanted me to dye my hair blonde, everyone was like, ‘Do not do that, you’re going to ruin your red hair.’ Especially my mom. And this is the problem – when you go from red to blonde and you do it in a rush, it goes yellow. This is the true hard fact – don’t change your natural red hair,” the 35-year-old insisted.

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