Lindsay Lohan sued for $60 million
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Lindsay Lohan sued for $60 million

Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan Jr. are reportedly being sued for $60 million.

The Mean Girls actress has been embroiled in a number of personal legal battles within the past few years.

And according to Page Six her entire family may now be in trouble, as Manhattan resident Fima Potik filed a $60 million lawsuit against the star and her little brother Michael.

Fima claims Lindsay and Michael ripped off his mobile app and website idea.

Court documents reveal the trio went into business together in 2013 after the developer presented his mobile app concept, Spotted Friend, successfully to the siblings. Spotted Friend is a celebrity fashion application that gives users the opportunity to take a sneak peek into their favorite stars’ closets.

Apparently Lindsay and Michael Jr. became equity shareholders in the business and the pair are said to have signed a confidentiality agreement when the beta-version of the Spotted Friend software was handed over to them by Fima. Spotted Friend supposedly piqued the interest of heavy-hitters Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post and MSNBC host Donny Deutsch, and Fima asserts in the court documents all parties attended meetings together over the opportunity.

But it’s claimed things went sour shortly after the beta fell into their hands, as Michael Jr. allegedly demanded Fima give him a larger cut of the company.

The trio’s professional relationship completely collapsed in spring 2014 and according to Fima, Lindsay and Michael started pushing a software product called Vigme, which appears similar to Spotted Friend, soon after their agreement fell through.

“Vigme’s mobile application, as displayed on Vigme’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page, is nearly identical in design and layout to Spotted Friend’s mobile application,” Fima’s lawsuit states.

“Specifically, Vigme’s mobile application implements social community features, including what appears to be a user’s personal ‘feed’ and a ‘trending’ function, all of which originated from and are present in Spotted Friend’s mobile application.”

Ravi Batra, a lawyer for the Lohans, claims Fima’s allegations have no merit.

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