Little Lex on the Prairie reviews: the voice of Tinker Jones!
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Little Lex on the Prairie reviews: the voice of Tinker Jones!

Alexis didn’t have the pleasure of watching Little House on the Prairie as a kid. She’s watching it now and reviewing it episode-by-episode Mondays at 7:20 am on Jason and Alexis in the Morning.

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S1E1 Pilot Movie review

Pa moves the family to Kansas. There’s a lot challenges, but also proves the resiliency of the Ingalls family. Poor Jack (their dog) isn’t allowed in the wagon.

S1E2 A Harvest of Friends review

The Ingalls settles into Walnut Grove, MN. Pa builds the family a house at night and works in town by day.

S1E3 Country Girls review

Mary and Laura go to school for the first time in Walnut Grove. They love their teacher and we meet Nellie for the first time who calls them “Country Girls” like it’s a bad thing.

S1E4 The Hundred Mile Walk review

Pa needs to find a job; he walks a hundred miles to find one. Meanwhile, Ma organizes the neighbor ladies and saves the wheat. She gets zero credit.

S1E5 Mr. Edwards Homecoming review

Guess who’s back?! Mr. Edwards! Pa found him drunk at a saloon in Mankato. He takes him to Walnut Grove to get his groove back. Lex finds him super creepy.

S1E6 The Love of Johnny Johnson review

Laura has a crush on the new kid, Johnny Johnson. Johnny has a crush on Mary, Laura’s sister. Oh snap.

S1E7 If I Should Wake Before I Die review

Amy Hearn is an elderly resident of Walnut Grove and hates that her kids don’t visit her. So she plans her funeral. Things get weird.

S1E8 Town Party – Country Party review

Olga is a sweet classmate of Mary and Laura. She has a short leg and no one picks her to be on their relay team. Laura and her become friends and Pa makes her a life-changing gift.

S1E9 Ma’s Holiday

Pa wants a second honeymoon with Ma and thinks a work trip to Mankato is the perfect opportunity. Grace is sick, but Mr. Edwards is available to watch the girls. He proves again and again he’s a doofus bachelor, but he’s funny.

S1E10 School Mom

Mrs. Beadle falls off her wagon when the horses get scared from the screams of children. Walnut Grove’s “school board” asks Mrs. Ingalls to teach the children including a kid who looks like a man. He can’t read, but she helps. Mrs. Beadle returns to the school house and Ma can go back to tending to her husband and children.

S1E11 The Raccoon

Laura got bit by a rabid raccoon?! Or did she? How’s the dog Jack doing? What happened to the raccoon with rabies? So much in this episode! Pitchforking too.

S1E12 The Voice of Tinker Jones 

Tinker Jones is an expert craftsman in Walnut Grove who makes beautiful pots and metal toys for the kids. He’s also mute but communicates through miming or on his little chalkboard. The Reverend from Mankato who preaches in their church once a month suggests they raise money for a church bell. The congregation can’t agree how to make that happen. Tinker Jones saves the day with help from the kids of Walnut Grove.


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