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Liv Tyler was ‘taken down’ by COVID on last day of 2020

Liv Tyler has been reunited with her family after a “wild” two weeks battling COVID-19.

The Lord of the Rings star revealed to her Instagram followers that she was diagnosed with the coronavirus on New Year’s Eve and she soon began struggling both physically and emotionally as she quarantined herself away from her partner Dave Gardner and her three children at their U.K. home.

Alongside a photo of herself embracing daughter Lula, four, and son Sailor, five, Tyler admitted she is typically a “private and shy person”, but felt the need to open up about her experience with COVID to help others “gather facts” and raise awareness amid the ongoing pandemic.

“Reunited with my loves … what a wild 2 weeks” she began the lengthy caption.

“I tested positive for covid 19 on New Year’s Eve day. S**t I had made it all the way through 2020 keeping myself and my family safe,” she explained, sharing: “Suddenly on The morn of the last day of 2020… boom it took me down (sic).”

Confessing the virus brought with it “feelings of fear, shame and guilt” Tyler added that fortunately the rest of her family tested negative.

“There are so many strange elements to this sickness,” she continued, “It effects (sic) everyone so completely differently. I was so lucky and had corona light as my momma @realbebebuell called it but It floored me for 10 days in my bed.”

Tyler concluded her message by wishing others with the virus love.

“We are all connected through this experience. I am Humbled and filled with gratitude . to be well , a gift and beaming love and light to all those who have left this world because of this virus and those who are suffering (sic),” she wrote.

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