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Lizzo addresses racist and fatphobic comments from internet trolls

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Lizzo has opened up in a new interview about receiving racist and fatphobic comments.

While speaking to Vanity Fair, the About Damn Time singer addressed racist hate and fatphobia levelled at her from internet trolls.

She specifically referenced a video she released in August 2021, when she responded to a comment shaming her for her race and weight. She never showed or read out the disparaging remark, and told Vanity Fair that she never will.

“Then people will know what really hurt me,” Lizzo explained in her Tuesday interview. “People have been calling me fat my entire life, but that was the first time seeing an insult of how I looked, who I am, and my music wrapped into one, and it really hurt me. And if one person says it, then another person says it, it multiplies like a f**king virus.”

The 34-year star continued: “If enough people on the internet start echoing sentiments about you, it becomes part of your public persona and it’s out of your control.”

She then recounted how posting the 13-minute video calling out trolls helped the situation.

“I went to the bathroom to cry about it, then I went online, because once I learn how to express myself, I need to tell that person how I really feel,” the singer and rapper recalled. “Hell yeah, it made me feel better. F**k them!”

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