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Lizzo: ‘Harry Styles always smells good – like soap!’

Lizzo Performing On The Today Show

Lizzo is impressed by the way Harry Styles always smells “very good”.

In a video interview for ELLE magazine, the Truth Hurts singer was asked about her friend and said he somehow smells like he always just stepped out of the shower.

“Harry smells very good. He smells like soap. Whatever soap he uses, it smells like that,” she divulged. “Like it’s not a cologne or a deodorant thing, it’s very like whatever soap he showers in. Every time I see him, I be like: ‘You smell like soap!'”

Lizzo went on to share that she would pick Harry over Cardi B to hang out with on a fun night out on the town.

“When y’all were asking me (this question), I thought about Harry,” the 34-year-old laughed. “I’m going to say Mr Harry Styles, only because that’s actually happened. And Harry stays really calm under pressure, and he turns up real chill like. You know what I’m saying? So, I think he would be able to keep me together while everything is falling apart.”

Lizzo covers the new issue of ELLE UK wrapped in the same Balenciaga caution tape that Kim Kardashian has previously been seen in.

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