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LoJ Book Club 2/24: ‘Girls with Bright Futures: A Novel’


“Girls with Bright Futures: A Novel” – 4 stars

Book by Tracy Dobmeier and Wendy Katzman

We loved this book! This is a hilarious, searing and poignant story about parents who will do anything to ensure their kids get coveted spots at college of their choice. And this book was written before the college admissions scandal ala Lori Laughlin & Felicity Huffman. Summary courtesy of Goodreads:

“Three women. Three daughters. And a promise that they’ll each get what they deserve.

College admissions season at Seattle’s Elliott Bay Academy is marked by glowing acceptances from top-tier institutions and students as impressive as their parents are ambitious. But when Stanford alerts the school it’s allotting only one spot to EBA for their incoming class, three mothers discover the competition is more cut-throat than they could have imagined.

Tech giant Alicia turns to her fortune and status to fight for her reluctant daughter’s place at the top. Kelly, a Stanford alum, leverages her PTA influence and insider knowledge to bulldoze the path for her high-strung daughter. And Maren makes three: single, broke, and ill-equipped to battle the elite school community aligning to bring her superstar daughter down.

That’s when, days before applications are due, one of the girls suffers a near-fatal accident, one that doesn’t appear to be an accident at all.

As the community spirals out of control, three women will have to decide what lines they’re willing to cross to secure their daughters’ futures…and keep buried the secrets that threaten to destroy far more than just college dreams.”