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Lorde insists she’s playing a character in new ‘satirical’ single Mood Ring

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Lorde wants fans to know that she’s in character for her latest single, Mood Ring.

Speaking to fans during a YouTube livestream ahead of the song’s release, the 24-year-old pop star spoke about the “transformation” that she underwent to complete the track, co-written with frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff.

“I sort of underwent something of a transformation for this video because the song is satirical, I was writing from the perspective of a character who is not me,” the New Zealand native explained to fans.

In the video, which was co-directed by Joel Kefali, the usually dark-haired crooner dons a blonde wig and surrounds herself with dancers in what resembles a “wellness” retreat or commune.

In a newsletter to fans, the Royals hitmaker elaborated further about her intention behind the lyrics and visuals.

“It was really interesting distilling some thoughts on wellness culture and the search for spiritual meaning in our modern world into a three-minute pop song. The kind of challenge she likes best!” she penned, explaining that her latest album, Solar Power, intends to explore the themes of “utopia, wellness, and enlightenment.”

The songwriter went on to clarify again that the character in the song is not her, and that she doesn’t intend to “fully flame” the character, or others who indulge in wellness culture.

Speaking on the experience of shooting the video, she wrote, “This video was soooo relaxing to shoot, I can’t even tell you… I felt like I had had a spa day by the end.”

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