LoJ Blood Drive

LoJ Blood Drive at Memorial Blood Centers!

Lori and Julia are hosting a blood donation event with a live broadcast at Memorial Blood Centers in St. Paul on Tuesday, April 12 from 3:00 - 6:00 PM

Memorial Blood Centers has been serving our community since 1948. It’s the blood on the shelf today that helps in a crisis tomorrow. Those blood donations were made by people like you and me . . . we need more people to donate blood.

Lori & Julia will be live at Memorial Blood Centers St. Paul location - 737 Pelham Blvd.

Some of you, maybe a lot of you, are thinking:
No way – I hate needles so I’m not going to donate blood.
We’re asking you to make a blood donation to improve someone’s life – you might even save someone’s life!

We have a limited number of donor openings during the broadcast.

Please email amber.carlsn@innovativeblood.org or call 651.332.7132 to be one of those 10 donors to give blood during the broadcast!

Donors who can’t make it to the broadcast can schedule an appointment to give at one of Memorial Blood Centers’ six Metro locations. Visit mbc.org/donate or call 888-448-3253.


Every 2 seconds someone needs blood.


The need for blood doesn't take a holiday.


Memorial Blood Centers needs nearly 2,500 donors to step up each week to meet the ongoing demand for life-saving blood.

There are a lot of things that hurt more than giving blood:

#373: Realizing that the ‘80s wasn’t 20 years ago.

#22: Waving back at someone who isn’t waving at you.

#99: Your child having a meltdown when you’re on a conference call.

#112: Having to come back to the office after two years of remote working.

#249: Another freaking variant.

Blood Type

Are you an A, B, O, or an AB? All blood types are needed every day.

Do you Know?

If you don't know your blood type, come and donate blood and find out!

Needs this Week

This week, Memorial Blood Centers is low on O- and O+ blood types.