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Lori and Julia’s Book Club: “Northernmost” by Peter Geye


From the acclaimed author of Wintering: a thrilling ode to the spirit of adventure and the vagaries of loss and love. This is the 3rd book  about the Eide family. This a quiet and introspective read and it takes a bit of getting used to the storytelling between the two times but is a satisfying read. If you have connections to Norway or the North Country of Minnesota, you will really enjoy: 3 stars!

Summary from “In 1897 Norway, Odd Einar Eide returns home from a harrowing disaster in the northernmost arctic only to witness his own funeral in full swing. His wife Inger, stunned to see him alive, is slow to return his devoted affection: she’d spent countless sleepless nights convinced she had now lost both her husband and their daughter, Thea, who’d emigrated to America two years before and has yet to answer their many anxious letters. Further complicating their reconciliation, a newspaperman gets wind of Eide’s miraculous survival and invites them both to the city of Tromsø so he can write what he is sure will be a bestselling story.

In 2017 Minnesota, Greta Nansen, desperately unhappy, decides to leave her children in her father’s care and follow her husband to Oslo, where he’s on assignment, in order to end their marriage. But for reasons mystifying even to her, she travels instead to the upper fringe of Norway–to the town where her great-great grandmother Thea was born.

A dual narrative told by blood relatives separated by five generations, Northernmost confronts the darkest recesses of the human heart and celebrates our astonishing ability to endure the most excruciating trials.”