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Louis Tomlinson: ‘Niall Horan will be a great coach on The Voice’

Louis Tomlinson At The Today Show
Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson is fully supportive of Niall Horan’s new role on The Voice.

During a Twitter Q&A with fans on Wednesday, the singer was asked about his One Direction co-star’s gig on The Voice season 23.

NBC executives announced on Tuesday that Niall would coach alongside Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, and Blake Shelton – on what will be the country star’s final season of the show.

Coaches on The Voice judge contestants in a blind audition, and any contestants they take on become part of their team to mentor for the remainder of the show.

After the auditions, the television audience judges live performances to determine who gets knocked out of the competition.

“Louis did u know about niall in the voice (sic)? AS A COACH,” one fan wrote to Louis during the Twitter Q&A.

The Bigger Than Me singer, who previously acted as a judge on The X Factor U.K., replied: “I saw yesterday when he posted. He’ll be great at that!”

Another fan suggested that Louis should act as a “guest judge” this season, leading him to ask, “Do they have guest judges on the voice (sic)?”

While there are no guest judges on The Voice, the show does have room for Battle Advisors, who coach contestants during the show’s Battle Rounds in which two artists from different teams must sing the same song together.

Later in the thread, Louis admitted that he’s never seen the show, but he’ll “watch if Niall’s on”.

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